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The May Lee Necklace Restores & Empowers

If you ever questioned how much of a difference purchasing a piece of Fair Trade jewelry can make, I invite you to read this post on Trades of Hope’s May Lee Necklace.

This summer, our Co-Founder Holly traveled to Asia.  While there she went into some of the brothels and met women who were so much like her, but lacked choice, education and the opportunity for a better life.

Co-Founder Holly with our Empowered Artisan Partners in Asia that create the May Lee Necklace

Trades of Hope is changing this.  The women alongside Co-Founder Holly in the above picture have been empowered out of the brothels and are now learning new skills while making beautiful jewelry!  The May Lee Necklace is one of these pieces that is now available in our Marketplace.  These women are also being given holistic care.  This means each woman has the opportunity to receive vocational training, healthcare, shelter, counseling, as well as education grants.

The beautiful May Lee Necklace: white quartz stones are adorned on an antiqued brass chain creating an edgy yet casual pendant, available here

When you purchase Trades of Hope products, you are wearing the story of our Artisan Partners.  You are wearing stories of Hope + Restoration.  You are making a connection to other women who are proud of the products they have made for you.  You begin to realize that we are all connected and part of a bigger story.

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