Join #StyleSlowlyGratitudeCollective

How to Join #SSGC

So many people & hearts are behind the fashion accessories & products that we enjoy everyday.  Part of the joy in purchasing a Fair Trade accessory is knowing that those people & hearts were treated well & paid fairly.

Let’s start a #StyleSlowlyGratitudeCollective to spread even more Hope+Dignity with our mindful purchases.  Here’s how to participate:

3 Steps to Participate & Join the #StyleSlowlyGratitudeCollective: (1) Share a pic of yourself wearing/using the Fair Trade purchase you love & state WHY you love it; (2) Say “Thanks!” to the people & planet for making it; & (3) What is at least one positive action you plan to take while wearing/using the product? (just in case you can’t read my writing 😉 )

To share your pic and connect with other #StyleSlowlyGratitudeCollective members, I invite you to join my Facebook Group page at this link.  You can also post your picture on your instagram and/or twitter with the hashtag #StyleSlowlyGratitudeCollective.

Let’s show that together a mindful lifestyle of Business, Fashion, Gratitude, & Empowerment is possible!







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