Style Tips (and Tricks!)

Some Thoughts on Styling With Authenticity….

If you are working on clarifying and defining your “Style,” it can feel like you are in a true battle each day.  You may feel that those around you will judge you either to have lost or won depending on your choice of outfit or accessory.   As women, we need to work to turn this thinking upside down!

“Style” should not have winners or losers.  “Style” should be seen as an expression of your Authentic Self to the world around you.  If thought of in this way, we are raising each other up and celebrating individuality.  This is one way women can Empower each other.

One of the reasons I love Trades of Hope and enjoy styling with their products is that each piece makes an Empowering Statement.  It Empowers a woman to be her Authentic Self, the Hero of Her Own Story.  At the same time, I’m able to express my own Attitude of Authenticity while sharing their stories with other women.

“Style” can be Beautiful, Empowering, and Change Lives!

I hope that today’s post encourages you and inspires you to Listen to Your Own Stylish Voice.  And, as always, feel free to say “Hello!” & share Your Authentic Style Tips!

Inspire Hope. Create Change. We Dare You!

Trades of Hope’s Revive Necklace crafted from recycled steel oil drums & accented with pink thread tassels; made by Empowered Artisans in Haiti.  In Haiti, mothers are often forced to give up their children because they cannot afford to feed them.  By crafting jewelry such as the Revive Necklace, a mother or father now earns an income and a family can stay together!